Earth 2788 – The Earth Girl Short Stories, by Janet Edwards

Earth 2788 by Janet Edwards, cover art by Alex Storer

Earth 2788 cover art

Illustration for the Three Concentric Spheres of Humanity

Following the success of the Earth Girl trilogy, Janet wanted to continue the adventures via a series of free short stories, focusing on various characters and different worlds from the trilogy.

The Earth Girl trilogy is science fiction for both adult and young adult readers, set in a distant future where humanity portals between hundreds of colony worlds.

Janet had previously commented on my painting The World Outside whilst on display at Novacon 43, as being an ideal visual to accompany her books. So when she started working on the short stories, Janet asked for a painting of a similar composition, featuring the trilogy's main female protagonist, Jarra and a portal, which would have an inter-changeable image.

In addition to the cover, an illustration was also required to represent the Three Concentric Spheres of Humanity, which maps out the worlds where the stories are set.

Find out more and read the free short stories over on Janet Edwards' website.