Façade, by Alice Sabo

ebook cover design by Alex Storer

"An undercover assignment goes critical for Hunter and Trash when a woman becomes deathly ill. They take her to the galaxy-renown Alleviators, only to discover some disturbing inconsistencies. Elaan was a waitress following the shadow of a dream. Everything changes the day she meets Hunter. He is the key to the destiny that she must set in motion. Giddy with newly acquired knowledge, she sets off on a reckless course that may imperil the people she is charged with protecting."

As a space fantasy book, Alice wanted to have more emphasis on the fantasy aspect on the cover, rather than SF, hence the prominence of the huge gothic castle-type structure.

More background to the cover design and various early concept sketches can be seen in this blog entry.

Façade (Transmutation Book 1) is now available on Amazon as an ebook.

Initial concept sketch