Flash Fear – an anthology of flash fiction

Horror in bite sized chunks! This is Flash Fear; a horror anthology that contains at least twenty pieces of horrific or dark flash fiction written by established writers in the genre including Andrew Lawston, Lynn M Cochrane, James Everington and A Stuart Williams.

From a strange and twisted tale of a mother's love, to a weight loss programme that will disturb you to your very core, and a journey that takes you the heights of Whitby infamous for Bram Stoker's Dracula, these stories will thrill, chill and entertain. Welcome to Flash Fear.

The original brief for the cover was to produce something dark, creepy and ethereal, but somehow incorporating a flash of some form into the design to tie in with the title and concept.

I produced several different rough ideas before trying something less complex, with the close-up of a terror-stricken eye, which became the final design.

To keep the element of horror, I used a lot of reds and browns and incorporated a various textures and scratches – almost like claw marks, which also add a feeling of movemet to the cover – you could almost imagine the eye blinking! Therefore, the eye became the focal point of the cover and also the 'flash.'

Flash Fear is available now from Amazon.