Forbidden Alliance, by Katrina Mountfort

Published in September 2015 from Elsewhen Press, Forbidden Alliance is the second book in Katrina Mountfort's Blueprint trilogy.

The Blueprint trilogy tells of a future in which men and women are almost identical and relationships are forbidden. The population live a comfortable but regulated lifestyle in huge Citidomes, following a bio-terrorist attack. MindValues advocate acceptance and non-attachment, and the cult of the BodyPerfect encourage a tall and slim androgynous appearance, in a society where looks are everything.

Future Perfect follows the story of Caia and Mac and their ultimate discovery of what life lies beyond the confines of the Citidomes.

Forbidden Alliance picks up their story sixteen years later...

The cover required the depiction of various environments from the story – including a prison camp, a rural Derbyshire village and landscape, a narrowboat and one of the huge, dominating Citidomes.

The challenge was to seamlessly incorporate each of these elements into a single scene that would draw the reader into the author’s vision of the future.

In order to match Future Perfect, the same colour scheme and typography were applied.

More information and early concepts for the cover art can be seen on this blog entry.