Scattered Seeds, by Alice Sabo

Being the second book of Alice Sabo's Changed World series, it was crucial that the same typographical style and layout present on Lethal Seasons was continued on this cover. Although it was going to be a very different cover illustration, for continuity it was important to maintain the same kind of atmosphere and colour palette.

While perhaps a slightly unconventional cover image, the scene of the Wisp character standing among a derilict and overgrown industrial zone was quite appealing to me.

As the story also tells of the phlight of children surviving the lethal seasons, it was important to have them there too. Sabo's character Wisp is our onlooker in the scene – but he was actually a later addition to the cover, as in my first draft (see below), the scene just consisted of the children hiding in the shadows of the derilict and overgrown industrial zone – see initial concept sketch below.

Here is a short video of the cover art from concept to completion: