Corridor of Poor Souls

28x28cm, digital, 2016

A lone figure stands between the high walls of a grim corridor, a dazzling light obscuring the distant end – if indeed there is an end. Our eye is drawn inexorably to disturbing patterns on the walls – skulls and suffering faces indicate souls in torment. Doorways along the sides suggest dark spaces beyond – places of mystery and menace. What lies behind them is hidden from us, but we suspect that the symbols of distress may be a warning.

We cannot escape the inevitable conclusion – this is some form of ante-room to an afterlife, or at least to a form of existence significantly different to our own.

But the figure is not moving. It seems to hesitate, and there is doubt and uncertainty in its stance. Why does it not move towards the light? Perhaps it may desire to enter one of the portals, to know what is there and to experience what it offers. Forbidden fruit. Possibly the chance to travel this way may never come again, but will there be a way back once the decision is made?

This may be the very choice that faced Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden – a choice that will dictate everything to come. A choice that every one of us might face one day.

Text: Richard Hayes