Hibernus I

A3, digital, 2011

The polar bear, a large, powerful and fearsome animal, has long been seen by Arctic peoples as a spiritual being deserving of respect and admiration.  We cannot help but believe that the great bear observes his surroundings with cunning and intelligence, and may have some deep understanding of his environment.

We see two bears on an outcrop of frozen rock, or possibly an iceberg, from which one looks up at a meteor streaking through the sky.  The light has caught his attention, and in his ursine way he may be pondering what it really is.  The deep red clouds of a distant sunset tell us that this is not high summer – winter may be coming upon these creatures, and the time for hibernation may be near.  And that is probably of more importance to the bears at present.

But even in these apparently empty and adverse conditions, we can recognise the majesty of these animals, and the fact that they have evolved to survive where few others could.  The development of life on our planet should never cease to amaze us.

Text: Richard Hayes