Hibernus II

A3, digital, 2011

Twin suns in the sky show that this is no terrestrial scene, but the landscape is clearly similar to that of our own Earth.  As the binary stars dip towards the horizon, the atmosphere seems to blaze, and the sea boil, with the intensity of their heat and light.  The orange sky indicates that the air is thick and rich, and provides the basis for life on this world.

The scene is wintry, and snow envelops the jagged rocks in the foreground.  This is not a planet which we would find comfortable – or perhaps it is just a season in which some life-forms may be dormant, whilst others thrive.  The large flock of huge birds, flying into the distant sunset, is a sign that life has evolved extensively here.  They must have their prey in order to live, and probably they too are prey to some other animal.

We get the feeling that life has reached a balance here.  The peaceful double sunset will give way, in due course, to another day, and the creatures of this world will continue with the routines of their existence.

Text: Richard Hayes