Planet of Ice

270x150mm, digital, 2011

The landscape of a planet of fire has been transformed entirely into a frozen wasteland.  Mountains and volcanoes have been worn away, or have collapsed through later eruptions, but the channel cut by lava flows, and possibly later by rivers, remains.  Now ice geysers blast out from the surface of a frigid and sluggish river, and thick snow covers the land as far as we can see.

But now there is intelligent life on this planet.  It may have evolved here and developed to an advanced civilization or, more likely, it might have arrived from elsewhere and established itself in this alien place.  Whatever its origin, it has created buildings which stand bleak against the wintry sky.  A domed area tells us that even here the inhabitants can survive in this inhospitable environment.  We wonder why anyone should want to live in such an unforgiving location, but clearly they have a purpose since these are structures which have been built to last.

And we ask ourselves whether the climate of this unkind world may change yet again, and whether these new arrivals are prepared for that.

Text: Richard Hayes