A4, digital, 2011

A calm and peaceful sunset evokes thoughts of the beauty of our world.  There is a slight swell on the water, so there might be a strong breeze, or perhaps the tide is in full flow, but otherwise all seems tranquil.  Light reflecting from cirrus clouds at high level, as well as from those lower down, suggest that there is little movement in the air.  A flock of birds moves gently through the sky.

The landscape tells us that this may be one of the more harsh locations on our planet.  The grass in the foreground is scrubby on a rocky coastline, and the trees in the distance appear windswept on a craggy headland.  Hills in the distance on the other side of this estuary look bare with tough plant life clinging to their slopes.  Sandbanks and rocks appearing from the shoals show that this is not a comfortable place for shipping.

And yet, even here, we can stand back and fill our thoughts with the glories of nature.  In such surroundings, allowing ourselves to remember the good times from the past, and perhaps our regrets and sorrows as well, seems only natural.

Text: Richard Hayes