Digital, 2015

A dark and forbidding cave stretches in front of us.  The prospect of what exists in the void beyond is enticing.  Or threatening.

There are small, feeble plants on the floor which could not exist in the dark depths of any cavern, so it could be that we stand at the outside entrance, in which case we could easily turn back from what faces us.  But perhaps their stunted life is possible because of the strange light which appears to pervade this place from the rocky walls.  If so, we may already be deep into the ground, and returning to the surface may not be easy.  We must go forward.

By the stream which moves sluggishly through the cave, a human figure crouches, looking away into the depths.  We are uncertain whether he is a modern man – he holds a burning taper rather than a torch, so he may be from some primitive tribe, or possibly he is one of our own kind long trapped in this existence and making use of whatever tools he can find.  His stance is one of expectation – there is someone, or something, in the cave ahead which he knows will emerge at any moment.  Is he predator...or prey?

Text: Richard Hayes