Digital, 2017

A mountainous world orbits a vast ringed planet, seen dimly through the clouds and blue atmosphere of this alien land.  Amongst the snow-capped peaks stands a bleak castle, grim and forbidding, its stark pinnacles harsh against the frosty sky.

It has all the appearance of a fortress in its impregnable position – surely no-one would venture to enter such an edifice uninvited?  Yet two beings are moving towards it with purpose, flying through the air like mighty dragons out of myth.  This may be their home, and they are returning after a long journey elsewhere in this unearthly landscape.  They may even be members of the race that built this fort, and perhaps others of their kind await their return with friendship after a lengthy parting.

But the structure is strange to our eyes – surely no flying being would need the walkways which link the towers of these buildings.  It was not constructed with them in mind as its main inhabitants.  So possibly those within its walls anticipate a less friendly homecoming when these creatures arrive.  After all, who could witness the arrival of such powerful beings without at least a little trepidation at what they might bring?

Text: Richard Hayes