The Sentry

A4, digital, 2010

The dragon has long been a symbol of elemental power – fierce, aggressive and frequently intelligent – but in legend it has also often been seen as a guardian.  Hoards of gold, hidden treasure or forgotten realms – all may be kept secure by the might of the dragon.

This solitary sentinel gazes placidly towards a massive ruined tower, backlit by sunlight from a grim, cloudy sky and set against a bleak and rocky landscape.  Signs of destruction are all around – the land has been cracked and broken by immense forces.  What appears to be a Celtic cross has been overthrown, lying amidst the rubble, and a broken sword lies close to the dragon itself.  This is the scene of recent cataclysmic warfare, where even the forces of nature have been involved, and we suspect that the dragon has played its part, for either good or ill.

It now awaits the next stage, and seems to be expecting some further event.  It is alert and ready again to perform its duty of protection.  But protecting what, or for what cause, we can only imagine.

Text: Richard Hayes











Stages of creation, from pencil sketch to digital