The Wizard's Exit

A4, digital, 2010

A robed figure shambles through a weird and unnatural setting.  At first sight, we suspect these may be towering tree trunks whose roots spread across the ground, but they seem too regular and there is no sign of growth about them.  It may be a petrified forest, or possibly the interior of an ancient hall where cracked and weathered columns stretch up to an unseen roof, but we are mystified as to who could have designed such a peculiar building.

There is no doubt, from his clothing and demeanour, that the person is a wizard, and he walks towards the outside where we see clouds and two birds gliding through the air.  But the focus of our attention is a strange sphere or circle set on a plinth.  There are steps leading up to it, so it is something which we are expected to enter, and that is what this aged sorcerer intends to do.  From his long studies of magical lore, he may know where he is going, or this may be a journey into the unknown for him.  Whatever his purpose, though, something unusual awaits him on the other side of the portal.

Text: Richard Hayes