42x32cm, digital, 2013

Extraterrestrial life may take many forms, but experience on Earth has shown that it tends to evolve to produce similar structures where these are proven to work.  Plant life based on chlorophyll is an efficient method of survival where sunlight is available, and here it has evolved on the moon of a distant planet.

The plant growths are separated by tracts of barren land which is clearly inhospitable to any life.  It looks as though wind-blown spores must have carried plant life through the moon’s tenuous atmosphere to those few locations where it can thrive.  There, restricted to a limited patch of ground, it has grown to vast size, stretching upwards to gain ever more of the precious light.

But there is a clear impression that the plants have been deliberately shaped and, if we look closely, there seem to be lights on the surface of the structure in the distance.  Can this be some alien plant city which has been created as the most suitable habitat on this remote world?  And, if so, who are the inhabitants?

Text: Richard Hayes