Digital, 2015

History is replete with examples of the rise and fall of empires. Great civilizations that have flourished during their moment in the sun, but then declined, leaving only the decaying remains of their buildings and artefacts, and a few pages in the history books.

On this planet, a lone human approaches the remains of a vast structure from a bygone age. The ancient ruin is shrouded with the vegetation and decay that comes from long neglect. We see from his clothing, the spear he carries and the fact that he rides his horse bareback, that his is a primitive society where the technology that created this artefact has long disappeared. His tribe may know nothing of the beings who built it, or perhaps have no more than race memories which are repeated with awe around their campfires.

But a more disturbing thought occurs to us. Possibly this is the distant future of our own Earth. Through some catastrophe at which we can only guess, the human race has degenerated into a prehistoric state, and can now only stare with astonishment at what once was, little understanding what it may have represented, or might yet have been.











Early concept sketch