A3, digital, 2011

A spacecraft has crashed on the moon of a ringed planet.  But this is no moon in our own Solar System – the sun is too large and bright for it to be near any of our outer planets.  This is a distant star system, far from Earth, and possibly far from any human colony which might provide help.

The world is hostile.  A dense orange atmosphere indicates what is likely to be a poisonous environment.  There is no sign of any plant or animal life, but merely a harsh landscape which would destroy human life once exposed to it.  The spacecraft lies on the slopes of a volcano which is clearly active – an eruption could pose an even more imminent threat to this helpless victim.

Smoke still emerges from the vehicle, so the crash is recent.  It may be that survivors are still on board, and trying to find some solution to the disaster which has overtaken them.  On the other hand, should we hope that this is an unmanned craft, or perhaps even that the crew, if there is one, is no longer in any condition to worry about the fate that awaits it?