A4, pencil & digital, 2010

The image of the Dalek is imprinted on our minds as a symbol of irresistible, ruthless power, accompanied by a visceral hatred of everyone and everything that is different from itself.  Sadly, we see all too easily the parallels in our own world.  A hatred of what is unlike oneself, or what one cannot understand, leads readily to violence and destruction.

Here we see the depiction of that power, set against a background of the carnage which it has caused.  Buildings burn, trees are shredded of their leaves, and the ground is left barren and wasted.  What could possibly resist such a force?

But all is not lost.  One Dalek has been shattered, and its remains burn impotently.  And we see the unforgettable image of the Doctor’s TARDIS.  One person, armed with no more than intelligence and wisdom, may form a bulwark against the evil that would otherwise dominate the planet.  Perhaps there is a message there for our own world.