Digital, 2018

A cat may look at a king, so the old proverb says.  And anyone who knows cats will be well aware that they will go where they like, sit where they like, and look at what they like.

This cat is observing a person who is, in turn, watching the sunrise over a futuristic cityscape.  Across a stretch of flowing water a range of structures rise into a quiet, pink sky.  In the distance, vast skyscrapers tower above the scene, but those nearer seem half completed, or perhaps half in ruins.  This is not a place for comfortable living, but more the location of business which has ceased to function – or possibly where it has yet to start, and building work is still in progress.

The huge edifices near where the observer stands confirm the appearance of unfinished construction, or the decay of some form of wharfside that was once a hive of activity.  Or might yet be again.  The solitary figure may be contemplating a greatness that is still to come.

But the cat is not interested in the view – there’s nothing new in it.  A human is more relevant to the everyday existence of a cat.

Text: Richard Hayes