A4, digital, 2010

A voyage of discovery has led two astronauts to an alien world where they look out from a high ledge at the view beyond.  A planet and its moon hang in a pale blue sky, though the visitors still wear their spacesuits so this is not an atmosphere that we could breathe.  We may be standing on another moon of the same planet, though this one is clearly rich in verdure.  Plant life seems to cover every inch of the jagged rocks and hangs in trails below the ledge on which these explorers stand.

Most stunning, though, are the enormous mushrooms which spread along this slope – they clearly thrive in this place, exposed to the elements.  Is a fungus, well-known for its rapid growth, a common sight here, and what has encouraged it to develop to such a size?  But there may be even stranger things.  One of the astronauts points in what seems to be amazement at some sight beyond our view.  We can’t help wondering – just what is it that has caught their attention in this weird, alien location?

Text: Richard Hayes