42x25cm, digital, 2012

A city burns and dies in the overwhelming heat of a swollen sun.  But this is no gradual process for which the inhabitants would have had ample warning – the buildings disintegrate before our eyes and glow in the searing temperature.  The wreckage that spreads before us makes all too clear that this is not the habitual environment that they had grown to expect on this once-peaceful planet.  Meteors streak through the skies, showing that cataclysmic, and no doubt unprecedented, events are taking place.  Perhaps this planet’s sun has gone nova, or its orbit has been disturbed and it now plunges towards its doom.

But there is still life here – two rocket-powered craft move through the sky.  Is this a rescue mission to save those who remain on this dying world?  We see scattered lights in some of the buildings – it may be that a few tortured souls are waiting desperately for this last hope to reach them.  Or, more tragically, are these spacecraft unable to land, leaving the remaining inhabitants to their inevitable fate.

Text: Richard Hayes