Digital, 2016

There is a poignancy in seeing the ruins of civilizations that have come and gone. Whether they were the scene of great events or just the routine of daily life, their days of glory are no more. Now they are just a reminder of what once was. An abandoned spaceport is quiet and still, overgrown with the vegetation that covers the surface of this planet. It has long since ceased to function in any meaningful way, just like the ruined spacecraft lying, useless and decaying, on its landing pad.

We wonder why this facility was left to the mercies of nature by those who once occupied it, but there may be a clue in the way it was built. It is supported by a massive column, raising it high above the planet’s surface – something on the ground must have presented a risk, or a threat, to its effective operation and justified the huge cost of construction.

Perhaps the danger may have been the plant life itself – pervasive and all-consuming. Did the original inhabitants manage to avoid it by moving away, or did they end their days trapped in the confines of a structure from which there was no escape?

Text: Richard Hayes