Digital, 2016

Terminal science fiction art by Alex Storer

A huge spacecraft hovers above a landing site. It is bulky and seems cumbersome – its complex construction shows us that this is a transport vessel, designed to move large quantities of freight, or possibly people, between the planets and the stars. It may be arriving, or possibly leaving – we cannot be sure, but the large number of people waiting at this terminal implies that they are anticipating its arrival, and what it brings.

Torrential rain and grim clouds tell us that the weather system on this planet is not attractive for humans like ourselves. It may the norm on this world, or perhaps it represents a rapid deterioration in what was once a pleasant and idyllic land, and many are trying to escape it while they can. Now they eagerly await their chance of rescue from an impending catastrophe.

Yet a lone figure watches the scene from a balcony. He is not part of this mass reaction to events, but calmly observes the flow of humanity. Does he know something they don’t? Or maybe he has simply accepted that life on this world is more acceptable than the alternative that may be found elsewhere..

Text: Richard Hayes