Digital, 2015

A city by the sea stretches up towards a grim and leaden sky. Tall buildings stand out starkly against a background of structures obscured by mist and rain. The city is occupied – we see lights in the windows and on gantries – but all is not well. Waves lash against the lower levels of these skyscrapers, and some have already collapsed into an ocean that seems to threaten the city’s very existence. We sense that the inhabitants of this doomed metropolis may not have much time left before they must leave.

We view Thalassa from the confines of a craft of some sort. Are we approaching the city, or fleeing from it? Our eye is drawn to a lighted area in one of the buildings where we see what might be figures silhouetted against the brilliance. They may watch us with undisguised contempt as we leave them to their fate, or possibly they await our arrival in the hope that we bring them deliverance.

Text: Richard Hayes