The World Outside

A3, digital, 2013

A beautiful girl looks through a window at an unknown world outside.  She is relaxed and calm, so we know that the environment inside this barrier is comfortable and secure.  It may be the interior of a habitat or spacecraft on the surface of this planet.

She looks out with interest at this alien terrain, and holds her hand against the window.  The gesture may suggest a wish to be outside and to appreciate this world to the full.  But what is on the other side may be hostile – the sky is thick with oppressive clouds, and there is no trace of life on the surface.  A waterfall cascades from what must be a plateau, where perhaps the planet offers entirely different, and less stark, surroundings – is that what she seeks?

But if we look closely, we see rents in her left sleeve.  Has she just returned to this realm of safety from a dangerous trip outside?  Maybe it is the sun of this world that she salutes, as it sets beyond the distant jagged mountains, and she yearns for the familiar world of her home that it represents.  Or does she fear what the night will bring?

Text: Richard Hayes





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