167x225mm, digital, 2012–13

A couple stand on a hill overlooking a mist-shrouded valley.  This is not Earth – the mist merges into alien purple clouds and a vast moon of this planet hangs in the sky.  The yellow sun of this system, so similar to our own, blazes out above the horizon.  We see a glow on the night side of the moon, so we are viewing it from a planet which reflects full sunlight from its surface, oceans and atmosphere.  There is life on this world – grass covers the hill – and the couple are relaxed as the man touches the woman in a gesture of affection or love.  It is a world much like our own in so many ways.

They watch a spaceship as it moves through the sky, but they show no surprise – this is a familiar sight to them.  Indeed, the woman seems to be more interested in looking at her companion than the passage of this marvel of technology.  This is a society which accepts interstellar travel, and all the benefits that it brings, as a fact.  It has brought humans to this planet, and serves their needs.  It may even represent our own future.

Text: Richard Hayes