A4, pencil & digital, 2010

The pastoral scene is quiet and peaceful until the arrival of the huge, overpowering presence of the tripod.  Its destructive power is unstoppable.  Is this a sudden invasion by aliens, or is it, more likely, a scene from The Tripods series of novels by John Christopher?  Human society has long since been reduced to a medieval level by the Masters, who control people through the use of implants to suppress their natural creativity.  The aliens dominate the world through their tripod machines, keeping humanity in a condition of awe and submission.

But two small human figures are seen running from the machine as it destroys the remains of a house – there is at least some resistance to the alien overlords.  We feel saddened by how puny they appear against the might of the tripod, but know that there is still hope for the future as long as anyone is willing to stand up against tyranny.  How successful they can be against such power, though, remains to be seen.

Text: Richard Hayes