A4, digital, 2014

A spacecraft sets out on what we imagine will be a long voyage.  Its destination, a vast galaxy or possibly a nebula, appears as a distant target – is it even attainable?

The craft is under power, and we have a sense of the strain as its engines drive it onwards.  There is purpose behind its journey – this is no random exploration, and its crew know where it is going.  It is strong and sturdy – a vessel which represents the determination of those travelling in it.  We can be in little doubt that it will reach its destination.

But, even so, the distance is immense.  The stars in the neighbourhood are thinly spread, so this journey may be commencing near the rim of our galaxy, and we may be seeing the first stage of intergalactic travel.  Will some warp drive soon ignite to propel it towards its remote goal?  The crew know, and their confidence will win out in the end.

Text: Richard Hayes