Into the Unknown

44x31cm, digital, 2013

Swirling clouds of gas in space signify the most destructive object in the universe – a black hole.  But a rotating black hole may also represent something else – a portal through a wormhole to another place or time.

We see a spaceship travelling towards the event horizon, but this is no experimental flight.  It is a large, powerful vessel with many crew and passengers.  They may be explorers, or possibly colonists who seek a new home in another universe. Either way, they would not knowingly be going to their own destruction, so they must have knowledge of what to expect when they get there.

Or do they?  Are the mechanics of black hole transfers so well established that they can possibly have complete certainty?  It may be that something is driving them to take appalling risks to leave behind what they already know.  They must have a reason for undertaking this dangerous journey, but why are they willing to risk everything to travel into the unknown?

Text: Richard Hayes

Into the Unknown features as the cover art to the British Interplanetary Society's science fiction anthology, Visionary.