Launch Approval

A3, digital, 2014

A spacecraft launches from a space station orbiting a ringed planet, the power of its thrusters blasting at the launch pad.  We feel that this is no fragile vessel, nor a warship designed for its destructive capacity, but a stalwart of space travel – quite possibly a means of transport for trade between planets.  We see other vessels of the same type and construction in the distance, so this is a tried and tested structure which has been proven to work.

There are living areas beneath the launch pad, alongside what appear to be numerous communication aerials, and in the distance we see another orbiting station which may have a similar purpose – clearly the amount of space travel justifies many such bases.  There can be little doubt that this scene represents an interplanetary society which is strong in its commercial ties.  But this is not a planet in our system – it orbits another star.  It may be a site – one of many – for trade and communication in a true interstellar culture.

Text: Richard Hayes