A3, digital, 2014

A vast space station orbits an Earth-like planet, and spacecraft are making their way towards it.  A docking port is opening to receive them into what we expect will be a comfortable and welcoming environment – the door is open, not closed, so there appears to be no animosity on either side.

But perhaps all is not entirely well with this space-faring civilization.  Located on it is a dome containing what appear to be trees and other greenery.  Why should space travellers want such an artificially created environment so close to a planetary surface?  Is there something on the planet, or indeed on other planets, which makes the travellers unwelcome, or is even hostile to their very existence?

Or we may even be witnessing a society which lives solely in space, and has broken the shackles of planetary life entirely.  Another spacecraft is leaving the station for an unknown destination, so this is a hub for activity and perhaps trade.  This is where the distant future may lie – true life in space.

Text: Richard Hayes