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Digital artwork by Alex Storer – Science fiction, fantasy and
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The Light Dreams – Discography





Released: April 2018

Crossing a boundary can change everything.  Our experiences may never be the same again, and our view of the world may be altered beyond recognition.  Whether it is through physical movement from one location to another, or by means of a journey of the mind, we need to seek alternative ways of seeing our lives and how they fit into the greater reality.

A transition between forms of existence, from the mundane to the extraordinary, can be a time of understanding and great satisfaction, but also of danger.  When we seek true meaning in life, there are bound to be risks.  But who wants nothing more than the dull and ordinary?

Our crossover between realms may make the mysterious clear to us.  It may astound us.  But we need to have the courage to take that first step over the threshold.






Released: September 2017

The light will always draw us back, speaking to us from behind the veil of our everyday existence. Our journey in this album takes us through a range of experiences that life offers to us, and provides encounters with the strange – sometimes mystical – world that lies beyond the mundane. 

We need direction in order to make sense of a sometimes confusing reality. At times, we may be puzzled by what we see – at others, we may feel overwhelmed by a sense of the grandeur of things unknown. But in all cases we strive to understand our lives and give them meaning. 

This voyage of discovery is something we must all undertake as events unfold around us, and the wonder of this music may bring us a little closer to achieving that goal. The light is with us, pulling us towards it. Experience it. Interpret it for yourself.







Released: March 2017

The depths of interstellar space are places of immense grandeur, but also of intense loneliness. Future travellers through the void will feel strong emotions as they try to comprehend the vast reaches of the cosmos all around them. 

Their thoughts will range from memories of the construction of their spacecraft and of the home they have left behind, through their attempts to understand the nature of their new surroundings, to their hopes for the pioneering voyage which they are undertaking. But they will always be aware of the infinity of space that lies just beyond the shell of the spacecraft which is their sole refuge from this hostile and unnerving environment. 

The themes of this album take us to this distant experience, so full of dreams of humanity’s greatest adventure, but also of regrets for what might never be recovered. 

Released in association with the Initiative for Interstellar Studies 






Released: August 2016

Abstract music allows us to look at our experiences with a clear vision. We are no longer restricted by other people’s representations of how they see things – it is the basis for an entirely personal approach to understanding the world.

With this album, we can permit a wide range of abstract and minimal themes, from the ethereal to the unsettling, to guide us in assessing our memories. Those remnants from times past may be shaped by textural sounds, helping us to preserve those aspects of our lives which we wish to reinforce – and sometimes to forget what serves only to reduce us.

This is the power of such music, frequently simple though it may be. It can bring out both the constructive and the negative from the depths of our past – the times that we might feel we have lost – and interpret a way forward that can be both absorbing and fulfilling.


The Light Dreams "Legacy"






Released: March 2016

Every one of us knows of people who have had an impact on the way we live, and have guided us in what we do. In this album, we are taken on a journey through the legacies that may be passed on to us by those who have gone before. Their influence and inspiration live on, and encourage all of us to achieve more.

Through a wide variety of moods, we are led to appreciate the uncertainties that lie in the future, while recognising that others can provide messages for us from their experiences. Gentle and soaring themes, as well as feelings of mystery and menace, motivate us to question where we are going and what we can learn, not forgetting the benefits we gain from applying the lessons of our own past.

Accepting legacies that can inform our decisions is not to be taken lightly. You never know where it might lead, and memories can sometimes be disturbing. Are you up to the challenge?







Released: January 2016

Darkness shrouds the hidden depths of the mind. From the start, we encounter a sense of the ethereal that takes us to strange places where we are uncertain about what awaits us there. A disturbing rhythm makes us wary of the unknown. It holds doubts – perhaps even menace. We feel the need to run towards a lighter and more positive existence.

Changes of speed and tempo develop the sense of a creative and upbeat approach, but we cannot escape the dark elements of the psyche. Although the uplifting aspects of brighter themes bring us to an appreciation of what is good and constructive in our lives, we are inevitably drawn back to question what lies beneath the surface. A thoughtful finale still leaves us concerned over what the future may bring.

Experience the sense of wonder that comes from exploring the darker recesses of the soul. You may find more than you expect.






Released: November 2015

Our lives are swept along in the flow of time. Memories of the past, hopes for the future – all are changed by the movement of time, and we feel powerless to escape it. But those changes themselves provide opportunities for fulfilment.

In this album, we take a journey through life’s experiences from daybreak through to eventide. The excitement of a fast and vibrant pace is contrasted with the doubtful moods that night-time may bring. The lure and seduction of what is beyond our everyday existence challenges us to live life to the full. Smooth and mellow themes give a sense of assurance – at times – but there is always a feeling that the unexpected lies around the corner.

Shifting through time gives us a true perspective on our lives. The question for us is whether we have the nerve to seize the chance that it offers.







Released: June 2015

A new world beckons. Vistas of undiscovered landscapes stretch before us from the start of an album that combines ethereal mystery with the quest for the unknown.

A mild level of unease and suspense tells us that not all may be as expected on this strange planet. We delve into caverns where more menacing beats let us know that we are in the presence of something strange, but it is the grandeur of the vast horizons spread around us, expressed through captivating melodies, which let us soar to places unknown.

The enigma of something never experienced previously can be a challenge to even the most experienced explorer. Interpretation can be difficult. But we must never forget that the challenge of exploring the new can always end up telling us more about ourselves than we might ever have imagined at the start.

Released in association with the Initiative for Interstellar Studies.







Released: January 2015

Explore the life of the city.  Its vibrant and dynamic sense of activity – people move at ever-increasing speed against the backdrop of its structure and stability. A fast pace and steady rhythms take us through the scenes of a life that is familiar to anyone who knows the city’s world.

But we also face the experience of what lies beneath the comfortable surface – more menacing motifs suggest the dark subcultural existence which poses a threat to our comfort and security. And the forces of command and control, developed through themes of authority and power, are ever present. Those who run the city are watching us too.

All this is resolved as we realise the city has a life of its own – possibly even something that we humble citizens can only glimpse, and never fully understand.








Released: May 2014

This orchestral re-working of the electronic music of FUTURE WORLDS, gives us a symphonic experience of the concept of interstellar travel.  The imagery of each track takes us through a voyage from Earth to the depths of space, and to face the mystery of what is out there.  This may be a one-way trip – there is no going back.

There is still some regret for what has been left behind – a sense that the Earth we once knew has been reduced from what we loved.  It may be climate change, or some other disaster, that has driven us from our home, and we are now outside our comfort zone.  But that is all behind us now – the challenge of other worlds is what confronts us, and gives us the drive and determination to meet with them.

Released in association with the Initiative for Interstellar Studies.








Released: May 2014

Here we find a development of the approach which Alex gave us in his earlier album TRACES – a blending of motifs and concepts which bring together our dreams and our realities.

In this album we have a wider variety of themes – some more forceful and powerful messages, along with darker moods which may bring out memories that we have buried and even long forgotten.  But there is still the atmospheric feel of the ethereal, and a belief that there is much that is positive in life.  We find echoes of times past – the good and the bad – but all are part of what makes us what we are.

Some of this makes us uncomfortable, but does that mean that those memories should be “abandoned”?  Judge for yourself.



The Light Dreams Traces






Released: March 2014

The past evokes images in our mind – our own past, and that of other people.  Our friends, our acquaintances, our loved ones – they all have their memories and stories to tell.

Traces of the past recur in our dreams, our everyday reactions to events, and in our day-dreams.  The tracks in this album blend together to remind us of those experiences, developing through to a conclusion of positive and fulfilling resolution.  Alex takes us into a world where dreams and memories combine to create a different reality – but can we be sure it is really that different to what we might know in our normal lives?

Our perception of the world around us is driven by our knowledge of what has been, what surrounds us now, and what we may hope is to come.  Let’s live in the past, the present...and the future.



Beyond the Boundary






Released: December 2013

The idea of travelling to the stars is at the heart of the endeavours of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies.  This album expresses that challenge in orchestral form, and evokes the concept of space travel in a way that speaks to anyone who shares that fascination with the unknown.

We find ourselves reaching out into space with themes that mirror aspects of long-distance spaceflight.  They lead us into realms of which we have little knowledge from our normal lives, through to a positive image of facing up to the mystery of the wider cosmos.  Is that where the ultimate goal of the human race lies?  Feel your way there with music which touches the intuition that lies in all of us to seek what is “beyond”.  You never know what you might find.

Released in association with the Initiative for Interstellar Studies.



After Hours The Light Dreams





Released: May 2013

The idea of what may happen “after hours” conjures up images of experiences that may be outside our normal everyday life.  The world after we finish work for the day, or once the evening’s activities are over.  Or simply what we choose when we need to escape from the ordinary and the mundane.  It’s something a bit different, a little more daring – perhaps even more high risk.

We need challenges in order to grow and develop – to move beyond the mediocre.  Here we find some of the best tracks from Alex’s early demo albums, many changed and refreshed with new sounds, along with some new work, all to enhance our experience of what we may encounter outside our daily routine.  We must step into these other worlds – after all, why on earth would you want to be ordinary?



The Light Dreams Future Worlds








Released: February 2013

What lies outside our comfortable everyday existence?  Like the girl in the cover picture, we may look out at a world which is different to our normal experience – it may be enticing, or it may be frightening.

In these tracks, we recognise themes which we know from science fiction, whether it be from films or literature.  There is a dynamism as we meet the challenge of the future, and seek to look ahead into different narratives of what might be.  There may be the attraction of interstellar flight and the beckoning unknown of worlds yet to be discovered.  But there are also dystopias which disturb our belief that the future must always represent simple progress.

Travel through these scenarios of what is yet to come.  All is not quite as you might imagine.

Released in support of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies.

You can also read Dave Yeaman's track-by-track short story.


Road to the Stars soundtrack



ROAD TO THE STARS (Soundtrack)
Released: October 2012

An original symphonic soundtrack to artist David A. Hardy's edit of 1957 Russian film Road to the Stars, originally directed by Pavel Klushantsev. Hardy has taken Klushantsev’s original docu-film, and created the first ever English subtitled version which includes translations of dialogue and original factual information plus new artistic and cinematic references, which further emphasise the influence and vision of Road to the Stars. David's DVD version is available from astroart.org



The Light Dreams Inferno





Released: August 2012

There is menace from the start in this album.  INFERNO takes us to a future where all is not well.  Harsher tones flow through tracks which bring us up short as we wonder what dystopias may face our descendants, or perhaps even us in a time that is closer than we imagine.

We are left with an uneasy flavour from tracks which vary from the deeply unsettling through to more atmospheric, but nevertheless disturbing, concepts.  Tommy R Jones’ guitar solo in the title track highlights to us the frenetic turmoil that seems all too inevitable if things continue as they are.

But there is still hope, and eventually we find a positive conclusion.  Regardless of how the future may turn out, there is always a sense of awe at what the human race can achieve – for good or ill.



Mechanical Drive





Recorded: 2009, released: October 2012

Pulsing beats set the scene for the development of life – but perhaps not life as we know it.  The artificial forms of intelligence which the human race may create could be one of its finest achievements – or one of the greatest threats.  There is a feeling of uncertainty, and we wonder where this is going.

This album brings us a sense of danger, but also a flavour of the exotic, as we explore the idea of what may be a robotic existence.  This is a form of life which is strange to us, and may operate on a level which suggests an alien presence that is all too close to home, and of our own making.

Whether or not things turn out for the best is something you have to decide for yourself.



The Light Dreams Into the Light




Recorded: 2007, remixed and released: October 2012

A positive and determined style attracts us from the very beginning of this album.  Alex takes us through themes and melodies, based on his own travels, which remind us of places we may have seen, or people we have met.  There are mysterious and thoughtful ideas, with occasional beats representing more powerful elements, but overall a sense of smoothness and flow.  There are good things in life, and pleasant memories.

But we must still question our sensations, and wonder whether there is more to be understood from our contemplation of the past.  We are led to a belief in the true peace and satisfaction that we can attain, but not without some hardship along the way.  A sense of optimism is essential for all of us, but tempered with a little realism and the knowledge that we must learn from the problems that beset us from time to time.