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This month, I contributed a guest post to the SFFWorld website, on the influence science fiction books, film and art has had on my music:

Also on SFFWorld, my cover art to Alice Sabo's latest book, Charade (the follow-up to Façade) has also been revealed!

Finally, Vector, the magazine of the British Science Fiction Association, have published an interview I conducted with space art grand master, David A. Hardy:


My latest album Back Into the Light – which features stunning cover art by David A. Hardy – is now available! Click the cover below to find out more...


It's been a while since I posted any updates, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! My latest cover art for Elsewhen Press can be seen below, and head over to the music news page for some new album news... more updates soon!


I'm pleased to announce that my new album, Infinity of Space is out today on Bandcamp, and will soon be available on Amazon Digital and iTunes.

Infinity of Space was almost a year in the making and my latest album in support of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies.

Buy Infinity of Space on Bandcamp

The Light Dreams - Infinity of Space


This week, I published a new blog entry on the creation of Trailblazers, which can be viewed here.

And here is a great photo of SkillForce's Ben Slade presenting the finished piece to HRH Prince WIlliam, The Duke of Cambridge, at the launch of THe Prince WIlliam Award, on 1st March (photo © SkillForce).

01.03.17 – FIT FOR A (FUTURE) KING...

I'm delighted and proud to reveal a brand new piece of artwork which I was recently commissioned to create by SkillForce UK, to help celebrate the launch of The Prince William Award – a new initiative backed by His Royal Highness, which helps young people age 6-14 develop confidence, resilience and good character.

The finished painting, entitled Trailblazers, was presented as a gift to HRH The Duke of Cambridge at the award's launch event in Wales, today.

I'll be posting more on this soon!

17.11.16 – NEW ART ADDED

Two brand new pieces of artwork, Crossover and Explorers have been added to the Dreamscapes and Science Fiction art gallery pages.

The Exhibitions & publications page has also been updated.


I'm pleased to announce the release of my first ebook, via Amazon. Sound, Vision, Inspiration is a personal recollection of growing up with David Bowie's music, and how it became a soundtrack to life, inspiring my career choice, artwork and music.

The wonderful cover photograph comes courtesy of photographer Richard Bellia ( and shows Bowie performing on the Outside tour in 1996 (an era that is a main focal point in the book).

Sound, Vision, Inspiration is available now for Kindle and Tablet devices, via Amazon.

Sound, Vision, Inspiration. How the music of David Bowie became a soundtrack to life

Meanwhile, next stop – Nocavon. See you there!

24.10.16 – NEW ART

I have produced two new pieces of space and science fiction art, Terminal and Waiting, especially for this year's Novacon.


I'm pleased to announce Windows On Other Worlds – my first public art exhibition and possibly the first-ever exhibition of science fiction art in Dronfield, Derbyshire.

Over ten pieces of my work will be on show from October 2016 until the end of January 2017, at the Art4Restore shop and gallery, situated in The Forge craft Centre in the heart of rural Dronfield. If you're passing through the area, why not call in?


Here is my cover art to the third book in author Alice Sabo's Changed World series, Gleanings.

The cover art was first revealed on alongside a great interview with Alice. Go check it out!

27.07.16 – SITE UPDATE

New artwork, new book covers and new music – it's all here!

The book covers page has been updated with two new titles, We have Lost the President from Paul Mathews and Katrina Mountfort's Freedom's Prisoners.

Ruin, a new piece of science fiction art has been added to the gallery. You can also watch a short video showing both the concept art and the final piece:

...And finally, head over to the music page for details of a soon to be released new album project, Remnants From A Lost Time.


I'm pleased to reveal the cover art to Freedom's Prisoners – the third and final book in Katrina Mountfort's YA dystopian Blueprint Trilogy.

Head over to the Elsewhen Press website to read the full press release!


Guest post: Windows on Other Worlds

I'm pleased to have recently contributed a guest blog to the ever-vibrant SFFWorld website. In the first of two parts, I discuss my influences and how I first started producing science fiction artwork and book covers.

Read it here: Windows on Other Worlds...

Part two coming soon!

Flash Fear published!

If you like your horror in bite-sized chunks, then check out new flash-fiction anthology, Flash Fear, available now from Amazon. I produced the cover art for this book last year, so its been a long time coming, but great to see it finally out there!

Flash Fear


Facade on KindleScout

Alice Sabo's upcoming space fantasy book Façade has been accepted on Amazon's Kindle Scout, but now needs nominations for a possible publishing contract. With just 11 days left to vote, we need your help! Simply head over to the book's Kindle Scout page and vote!

I have also created a new art gallery sub-page for my Space Travel artwork.


A new sub-page entitled "Dreamscapes" has been added to the artwork section. This new section will be home to artwork with more of a dreamy – or nightmarish – style. There, you'll also find a brand new piece of art, Corridor of Poor Souls...

26.03.2016 – NEW ART: DEMESNE

I recently completed a new piece of starship art, Demesne – which can be seen over in the science fiction gallery.

More artwork coming soon...

15.03.2016 – FAÇADE COVER ART

I'm proud to reveal the cover art to Alice Sabo's upcoming book, Façade.

More details on the book will follow in due course and it will also get its own page in the cover design section. In the meantime, here is a blog post exploring the creative process behind the cover.

I also created a short video for the cover reveal:



Like many, I watched with awe and excitement in early December, as British Astronaut Tim Peake blasted off on his journey to the International Space Station as part of the Principia Mission. Watching the live stream of the arrival of the crew's Soyuz module preparing to dock with the ISS inspired me to fire up Photoshop and get painting.

And here is the result – Arrival, depicting the approach of the Soyuz module.

16.11.2015 – BACK FROM NOVACON 45

Once again, I spent the weekend at Novacon, the UK's longest-established SF convention – and you can read all about it here on the blog.

Don't forget, there are also plenty of updates on my Facebook page and also on Twitter!


My latest album of instrumental electronic music, Timeshift, is released today on Bandcamp.

Head over to the music pages to find out more, or simply click here!

03.11.2015 – NEW ARTWORK

Two new pieces have been added to the science fiction gallery, both produced for this year's Novacon event.

Click the previews below to find out more!


The full cover artwork to Helen Claire Gould's Floodtide has been added to the book cover pages.

30.08.2015 – FLOODTIDE TEASER!

It's been a long time coming, but I'm pleased to finally be able to reveal the cover artwork to Helen Claire Gould's forthcoming SF novel, Floodtide. I recently completed this animated teaser for the book, which is due out in print next month.



I have spent the last couple of months working on the cover art to Alice Sabo's new SF novel, Scattered Seeds – the follow-up to last year's Lethal Seasons and the second book in her Changed World series. And here it is!


I'm delighted to reveal my first cover for SF & Speculative Fiction publisher, Elsewhen Press.

Forbidden Alliance is Katrina Mountfort's second book in her Blueprint Trilogy, and is due to be published in September.

20.07.2014 – NEW ARTWORK & GALLERY

Two new pieces of artwork have been added to the gallery – Artefact and Void.

The landscapes/environments and fantasy art pages have also been updated – each piece of artwork now has new, thought provoking accompanying text, specially written by Richard Hayes.

The book cover design section has also been updated, with more additions to the portfolio to come very soon!


A specially comissioned piece of my artwork is featured in the first issue of new SF magazine, Shoreline of Infinity.

Hailing from Scotland, Shoreline of Infinity comprises short stories, reviews and plenty of artwork. Lots of work, time, dedication and passion have clearly gone into making it, so if science fiction zines are your thing, do check it out and help spread the word.

My piece (not shown) is accompanies a superb short story on time travel, by Richmond A Clements

Issue 1 of Shoreline of Infinity is available from the magazine website and Amazon


After a year in the making, Panorama, my latest album in association with the Initiative for Interstellar Studies, is now available!

The 15-track digital album has been released exclusively on Bandcamp.

THe Light Dreams Panorama

The full album download comes with a bonus track and an illustrated PDF booklet featuring sleevenotes from Keith Cooper and Richard Hayes. The full tracklisting is as follows:

Alien Sunrise
Wide Open Spaces
Crystal Cavern
A World Beyond Ours
Flight of Fantasy
Remote Horizon
New Shores
Great Plains
Rise [bonus track]

...and finally, here is a trailer for the album...




I recently completed full album packaging artwork and design for Nowhere is Somewhere, the new EP from Sheffield duo, The Third Half.

The artwork for Nowhere is Somewhere is based on my original piece, Hibernus V.

For more information about The Third Half, so have a look at their Facebook page.

I'm currently working on several book cover projects, in addition to completing my new music album Panorama –the next release in association with the Initiative for Interstellar Studies – which will be available in June.

Stay tuned for further details...

22.03.2015 – SUPREMACY

I have recently completed a new piece of space art, Supremacy.

This was the first piece to grow out of a concept sketch produced on my iPad. Below is the original digital sketch - head over to the SF gallery to see the finished piece along with accompanying text from Richard Hayes.

Links page updated

Head over to the links page for writers, bloggers, booksellers and fanzines.


S.G. Mulholland's début novel, Tialoc: Book of Thunder is now available. The full folio artworkalong with concept work and a trailer movie, has been added to the book covers section.

22.02.2015 – SITE UPDATES


A new piece of dystopian science fiction artwork, Thalassa, is now up in the gallery, with accompanying text from Richard Hayes.

Dark Deeds

Alice Sabo's Dark Deeds is now published, and the book has its own page over in the cover design section, which also shows early concept sketches and artwork variations.


I'm pleased to reveal my cover artwork for S.G.Mulholland's forthcoming book, Tialoc: Book of Thunder.
The cover art will get its own page in the cover design section in the near future...


Explore the life of the city.  Its vibrant and dynamic sense of activity – people move at ever-increasing speed against the backdrop of its structure and stability. A fast pace and steady rhythms take us through the scenes of a life that is familiar to anyone who knows the city’s world.

But we also face the experience of what lies beneath the comfortable surface – more menacing motifs suggest the dark subcultural existence which poses a threat to our comfort and security. And the forces of command and control, developed through themes of authority and power, are ever present. Those who run the city are watching us too.

All this is resolved as we realise the city has a life of its own – possibly even something that we humble citizens can only glimpse, and never fully understand.

Sentient City is available now on Bandcamp.


Here's a short teaser I put together for Alice Sabo's forthcoming book, Dark Deeds:


And in other news, my new electronic album Sentient City will be released on Bandcamp tomorrow. Head over to the music pages to see 3 short teaser clips, hear a full track and check out new album descriptions in the discography section, courtesy of Richard Hayes.

31.12.2014 – NEW YEAR MESSAGE

Two words: THANK YOU.

Thank you to everybody who visits this site or my Facebook and Twitter pages, and most of all, huge thanks to any of you who've bought an album or taken an interest in my artwork. Your support really is appreciated.

Looking back, I've had a busy year, having released two albums, illustrated 5 book covers, produced 3 new pieces of SF artwork AND exhibited at Loncon3 and Novacon 45. A year to be proud of, I think!

Thanks again, and best wishes to all for 2015!

Happy New Year!

And in the meantime, why not head over to the music news page for more news on the Sentient City album...


My cover artwork to Alice Sabo's forthcoming novel Dark Deeds can now be revealed!

Dark Deeds is the follow-up to White Lies, and the second in a series of thrillers featuring washed-up actor Asher Blaine. A dedicated page for the book will follow in the new year. However if you want to learn more about the creation of this cover, simply head over to the blog.

I've also been working on a short trailer for Dark Deeds, so look out for that soon!

In other news, I've been hard at work on a new music project - head over to the music page to find out more and hear a sample!


It's been a long time coming, but the Initiative for Interstellar Studies' brand new book, Beyond the Boundary is available this week.

Beyond the Boundary is a ground-breaking book looking at the possibilities of interstellar flight, including the technology that will drive our starships, the planets and stars that will be our destinations, the sociological basis and impact of becoming a space-faring civilisation and how our interstellar future is depicted in art and culture.

I4IS Beyond the Boundary

My contribution to the book is a chapter on the influence of space travel in music and its relationship with popular culture. It's no surprise that you'll find me examining the work of David Bowie, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield to name but a few artists whose work is often associated with space and space travel, but I also look at the evolution of film and television soundtracks across the years, from orchestral to electronic.

Beyond the Boundary is a quality publication spanning 460 pages, retailing for £30. To get your copy, email

Revenues from the book are directly contributing to i4is achieving its objective: To the stars in our lifetime!

For a sample chapter and table of contents, visit the I4IS website.


My latest blog entry goes into detail about how I came to make my latest digital painting Last City and the various options I explored.


Novacon was, once again, a brilliant three days. It was great to meet and talk to everyone who came by my display and I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who bought a piece of artwork in the auction.

I would like to mention the art show organisers, Serena and John, who put in tireless hours and hard work. The continued support and encouragement they give to all their artists is second to none, and you couldn't ask for nicer people to work with.

I've written a blog about exhibiting for the third time at Novacon.

Novacon44 art display

09.11.2014 – LAST CITY

I have just finished working on a piece of artwork inspired by what remains my favourite SF novel – Arthur C Clarke's The City and the Stars.

Last City has been added to the science fiction art gallery and has specially written accompanying text by Richard Hayes. This new piece also forms part of my display for this year's Novacon, which is less than a week away!

See you there...


My new cover artwork to Alice Sabo's murder mystery novel, White Lies, can now be revealed!

Find out more information by visiting Alice's blog.

Science fiction art pages

The entire science fiction gallery is in the process of being updated with new written interpretations of my work by Richard Hayes.

I would like to thank Richard for providing these thought provoking interpretations. Richard is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the British Interplanetary Society, and a regular columnist for the BIS e-magazine Odyssey on science fact and science fiction.

Many of the pieces have been updated, with more to follow!


Nottingham Park Inn Hotel once again hosts Novacon, the UK's longest-established SF convention. Novacon 44 runs from 14-16 November 2014, with guests including Kari Sperring and John Gribbin. I will have a display in the art room where I'll be spending most of my time, so do drop by and say hello!

In addition to artwork, I will be promoting my music and copies of Traces and Future Worlds Redux will be on sale. There will also be freebies such as bookmarks and an exclusive limited edition booklet of my artwork, Escape. First come, first served!

Speaking of Novacon, I have just completed a new piece which will be included in my display: First Light.

Following on from my cover art to Alice Sabo's Lethal Seasons, I'm pleased to announce that I'm working on two more covers for Alice – a new cover for her murder mystery novel White Lies (stay tuned for a cover reveal on 1st November), and the cover to her forthcoming follow-up, Dark Deeds.


I've recently been working on an orchestral version of my science fiction concept album, Future Worlds – and it's out today!
Head over to the music news page to find out more, or to stream/buy the album, simply go to Bandcamp.


The Initiative for Interstellar Studies space art postcard packs are available for £5 GBP + shipping. Anybody interested, please email:

Wrapped in an I4IS-branded band, the pack contains 6 postcards featuring artwork by David A. Hardy, Adrian Mann and myself, plus information on I4IS. Be quick, as stocks are limited!

21.08.2014 – NEW SPACE ART

Over the last month, I've been working on a new piece of space/SF art, entitled "Rendez-vous".

And here it is – click on the image below to see the whole painting.


BIS Visionary

I recently provided the cover artwork and design for Visionary, a brand new science fiction anthology from The British Interplanetary Society.
is available now via the BIS website.

A page for Visionary featuring the front and back cover artwork, has been added to the book cover design section.

Alice Sabo Lethal Seasons

Alice Sabo's new post-apocalyptic novel Lethal Seasons is now available in print and ebook formats, from all the usual retailers.

Loncon 3 Alex Storer art

With over 10,000 attending members at the last count, this month's Loncon 3 has been by all accounts, the highest-attended Worldcon to date – which says a lot about the healthy interest in science fiction and fantasy at the moment. Very promising for the industry, which has recently been described as an "art form". Can't argue with that! Above is a photo of my Loncon art display (with thanks to Kelvin F. Long).


A new service list and price guide has been added to the book cover design section.
More examples will be added to the page in the coming weeks.

Loncon3 have released the brochure for the upcoming art show. It's an honour to be exhibiting alongside so many amazing artists.

You can download the brochure from:

Loncon3 art show

30.07.2014 – LONCON 3

If you're going to the World Science Fiction Convention in London next month, don't forget to visit the Initiative for Interstellar Studies at “The Interstellar Space” where you can hear all about real and imagined interstellar travel. You can’t miss the I4IS – they will have a 4m black monolith as a homage to Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, with film clips playing on a giant screen!

Join the I4IS on Sunday 17 August, from 1.30 to 5.30pm, Capital Suite 14, for some fascinating science fiction discussions interspersed with plenty of real science! “Interstellar: Realities and Imagination” features special guests:
Alastair Reynolds
Gregory Benford
Stephen Baxter

If you're heading to the dealers' rooms in search of a great read or two, then look out for Durdles Books who will have a stand, probably in orange.

And finally, I will have a display in the art show featuring a selection of science fiction-themed works.


The I4IS have a stand at the British Interplanetary Society's annual conference this week, and for this event we have produced some lovely packs of art postcards, featuring artwork from myself and legendary space artists Adrian Mann and David A. Hardy. The postcards will hopefully be available from the I4IS website in the near future, as well as other items. Stay tuned for details...

space art postcards interstellar artwork postcards prints


A new item in the 'Artwork' drop-down menu is a page for science fiction book cover art. Keep an eye on this section as it will feature more work in the near future!

This week I also wrote a new blog entry, celebrating the 7th anniversay of my first album, Into the Light.

06.07.2014 – EARTH 2788

Here is the artwork to Earth 2788 – the new free short story from Janet Edwards. Earth 2788 is the first of several short stories featuring the characters from Janet's acclaimed Earth Girl trilogy. Head over to Janet's website to find out more! A dedicated page for the cover art will follow shortly.

Earth 2877 by Janet Edwards, artwork by Alex Storer


I've been enjoying working with Earth Girl author Janet Edwards on some artwork for some upcoming short stories. Stay tuned for more details on this and of course the cover reveal!

Other current collaborations include the British Interplanetary Society, Sheffield duo The Third Half and the Initiative for Interstellar Studies, who are gearing up to take Loncon3 by storm in August! Not to mention my own exhibition for Loncon, which I hastily need to finish...

Alice Sabo's Lethal Seasons is due for publication in early August – the cover art for her book will be getting its own page here very soon.


As well as the cover art to Alice Sabo's forthcoming novel, Lethal Seasons, I also put together a short trailer to promote the book, with some specially composed music...


I'm pleased to be able to reveal the cover art to Alice Sabo's new post-apocalyptic novel, Lethal Seasons – due out in August.

Alice Sabo - Lethal Seasons

Alice unleashed the cover art to the world on her blog earlier today, which also features a contribution from myself about the making of the cover - head over to to read more!

06.06.2014 – LETHAL SEASONS

Over the last month or so, I've been working with author Alice Sabo on the cover artwork for her forthcoming SF novel, Lethal Seasons.

All will be revealed very soon, so stay tuned for updates...



The Initiative for Interstellar Studies (I4IS) have just launched a brilliant new website at

I4IS will have a strong presence at this year's Loncon3, and will will reach out to the most imaginative people on this planet. Science Fiction has inspired many of us in I4IS and we aim to inspire readers, writers, publishers, editors and people from the worlds of film, television and games who will be at the Convention. Interstellar is where we are headed, first in imagination, then in reality!

Look out for our landmark exhibit with big screen film, models and lots of interesting people to talk to. And come to our Interstellar programme on Sunday with presentations by leaders in interstellar engineering and interstellar science fiction including our star author, Alastair Reynolds.


I've added a new page to the website detailing my music design services, for the composition of original music for video games, online, film, etc.

28.05.2014 – SCI-FI MAX

The latest issue of free e-zine, Sci-Fi Max features a lovely two-page spread on my music, written by Valentina Marucci and focuses on Future Worlds, Beyond the Boundary and Traces. The publication also includes a feature on Space Artist David A. Hardy, as well as a whole host of amazing artwork, comic strips, short stories and interviews - well worth checking out.

Sci-Fi Max

14.04.2014 – LONCON3

Although I can't personally attend this year's highly-anticipated LonCon3 event in London this August, I will have work on display in the art show. I'll post more details on this closer to the time.

06.04.2014 – DESTINATION

I have just finished another new space travel-themed piece of work – Destination.

Here's a teaser below, but head over to the painting's own page to see more!

31.03.2014 – I've redecorated...

As you can see, the website has undergone a slight design overhaul. Hopefully all your old favourites are still here - but if you can't find what you were looking for, do get in touch. In the meantime please bear with me, while I iron out the creases!

The art galleries have been divided by category – science fiction, environments, fantasy, cartoons and synaesthesia art – and as well as an overall re-structure, a new discography section has been added to the music pages.

23.03.2014 – LAUNCH APPROVAL

My art has turned out to be like buses... nothing for ages, then two new pieces at once! Here's a new interstellar scene for you, called "Launch Approval"

Click here to see the full image and more information.


As the title suggests, this is my depiction of a scene from one of my own dreams; one that I had over ten years ago. It has stuck with me, and was always one I intended to try painting. It also perfecty fits in with the mood and imagery fo Traces, so it's obviosuly the right time to do it.

Click here to see a Scene from A Dream and read more about the dream in question.

03.03.14 – NEW ALBUM: TRACES

My new album Traces is now available - see the music pages for more information.

The Light Dreams Traces


The Initiative for Interstellar Studies have taken over the AstroArts blog on the AWB website this month, and I've written an entry on space, art and music. It can be read here.

14.01.14 – SITE UPDATES

I have added a new page to the site for buying prints of my artwork. I've also re-introduced the blog.

Don't forget, my new digital album of space music, Beyond the Boundary is now available via Bandcamp – 8 tracks and a wonderfully illustrated booklet (featuring the work of Adrian Mann and David A. Hardy), all for just £5.49!


Details of a new album composed for the Institute for Interstellar Studies™ are over on the music page.

The album, Beyond the Boundary, will be released tomorow via Bandcamp and aims to promote the I4IS and their forthcoming book of the same name. The work of space art legend David A. Hardy features on the cover. More of David's work is included in the digital booklet that comes with the full album download as well as some fantastic starship art by Adrian Mann.

I have also blogged about the making of the album.

10.11.13 – BACK FROM NOVACON 43

I just got back from a superb weekend at Novacon 43. I'd like to say a big thank you to the Novacon team for another great event, and especially to Serena and John for their hard work and dedication in the art show.

I would also like to thank all those who bid on my work in the auction - I came away one very happy artist!